The ‘Dev Daman’ Foundation..Shubh-Shuddh Karm Rachiye ..

The ‘Dev Daman’ Sansthan

..Shubh-Shuddh Karm Rachiye ..‘Create Pure Karma’.. ‘रचें शुद्ध कर्म’

देव दमन संस्थान – शुभ-शुद्ध कर्म रचिये – सत् कर्म संचित करें

With shubh ashirwad from our beloved ShreeNathji and Gurushree Sudhir bhai, the creation of this entity is an effort to do some seva kary for Vraj Mandal, especially in the Giriraj Govardhan Tarheti. It is Their bhav and prem that They accept any seva from a jeevatma; and I am grateful for this.

DEV DAMAN – Why this name?

Dev Daman is the shubh name given to Shree Krushn, when he did ‘Maan-Bhung’ (मान-भंग); of Indr Dev. This happened during the very famous Giriraj Govardhan leela, wherein Shree Krushn lifted the huge Girirajji on His little finger for a whole 7 days. In anger when Indr Dev who determined to drown the entire Vraj Mandal, realised that He was fighting against Parmatma Himself, asked for forgiveness and performed the grand abhishek of Shree Krushn along with His Divine Elephant, Gajraj Eravat and Kaamdhenu Gaumata Surbhi. This is known as the Indr Maan-Bhung leela, and the name given to Shree Krushn in this leela is DEV DAMAN, which literally translates into, ‘crushing the Ego of Indr Dev’ .

Thus we decided to use this divine name, for it works as a reminder to move beyond our ego, (अहंकार)stay humble and perform selfless Karma, Karm without expectations; translated into, ‘Pure (शुद्ध) karma.. ‘रचें शुद्ध कर्म’. Shubh is positive karma and beyond that is Shuddh karma.

Dham Seva – Literally translated means doing seva kary for any Teerth Sthal. Seva in any form, of that particular place where your Bhagwan, Ishvar, Isht, Divine Shakti, Prabhu, Parmatma lives, of those Alive Sthals where innumerable Divine Leelas have taken place; One of the easiest way to do seva for your Parmatma is maintaining the pavitra Dham as pavitra and pure as possible. Just as you would maintain your own homes, streets, similarly this home to the Divy Shaktis needs as much loving care and protection. Seva of any Teerth Sthal-Dham, is seva of the particular Bhagvan who resides in that area. Dev Daman Sansthan believes that any Divy leela Bhumi is as pavitr as the Ishwar who has blessed us humans with their Leelas. It becomes our responsibility to maintain the purity and hygiene around them.

Few objectives of this entity

Vraj Mandal is an area of 84 Kos, which is 252 km. This divine land includes 12 Vans (Forests), 12 Upvans, 12 Prativ Vans, 12 Adhi Vans, which adds upto 48 forests and several villages and Ponds. At the moment our target is the Giriraj Govardhan Tarheti area, which is just 5-6 km towards the Punchri (south) side. Ruj (sands) and the Lata- Pata ( flora-fauna) of this pavitra bhumi is divya in its quality. Bhakts use this Ruj as prasad for intake as well use it to apply as tilak. Maintaining purity of land is a way to help bring back some of the lost divinity from the important areas of this divine land. I personally feel it is our responsibility to see that the divyata  inherent in this land is maintained for the next generations too. It does seem to be a huge project and this is a very small first step towards the goal and for any lasting accomplishment, protection and support from the locals and the government bodies is required. As all are aware there are several sansthan already involved in this work since many years. Ours is a very small work in comparison.

We plan to start working on
– Try to preserve Pracheen Vraksh along the Govardhan parikrama marg, which would involve work to support and strengthen roots of the ancient trees. These are several years of age, and can never be replicated.

– Vraksh ropan – Plant trees and shrubs that are local to the area and which have mention in leela of Shree RadhaKrushn.

– With permission from the Van Vibhag, try to clear all the thorny bushes and trees (which are not native here) from the head of Girirajji Parvat. Clean the Ruj, by cleaning the plastic and other garbage from the Govardhan parikrama marg and parvat. Plastic and trees with thorns are a menace to the divinity of the parvat.

Restoration of some Alive sthals and mandir of this divy bhumi.

Locals will be involved in this work, providing them with an opportunity to earn. It is a win win situation for all. We will make sure that the Vrajvasis get the maximum benefit out of this project, as without their effort and co operation desired results will not happen.

We will also need help, protection and support from the locals, the Van Vibhag and the Adhikaris.

It is a huge project and this is a very small first step towards the goal. My only intention is seva for Shree RadhaKrishn, Thakurjee ShreeNathji and my beloved Vraj Mandal. All project is funded by us only.

Jai Shree RadhaKrushn,

Jai ShreeNathji Prabhu

Warm regards
Abha Shahra Shyama

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Giriraj Govardhan Leela, where Shree Krushn crushes the Ego, Pride (अहंकार ) of Indr Dev
Giriraj Govardhan Leela, where Shree Krushn crushes the Ego, Pride (अहंकार ) of Indr Dev